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  • Checklist: Legal Steps to Take After a Death


    The death of a close friend or family member is often very difficult emotionally. You would probably like to retreat and deal with your grief immediately. But someone has to make sure that everything is organized. That is why it's a good idea to know about what needs to......

  • State-by-State Open Carry Laws in the U.S.


    Between varying state laws and the seemingly continuous legal challenges, it can be hard to keep track of which open carry gun laws apply in which states (and to which guns). Lucky for us, Thomson Reuters put together a handy interactive map displaying which states allow open carry, which restrict......

  • Checkmate: Burberry Sues Rapper Burberry Perry for Trademark Dilution


    Do you know the Burberry checks in fashion? How about the rapper Burberry Perry? Well, the British makers of fine plaid products are suing the Atlanta-based rapper for using their branded checks in association with his personal brand, and in the process the internationally renowned designers are creating press......

  • How Not to Write a Cease and Desist Letter


    Small business owners are protective of their brand. And there is the natural tendency to lash out at anything -- fake online reviews, defamatory comments, or intellectual property theft -- that threatens the integrity of that brand. Heck, even Donald Trump (or more accurately, especially Donald Trump) goes after those......

  • How J&J Offered $1.3M to Silence a Talcum Powder Victim


    Talcum powder used to seem soft and sweet and clean and was associated with good things, like newborn babies. But today the powder, which has made its way into countless cosmetic and other products, is associated with ovarian cancer. Now, women all over the country are suing Johnson and Johnson,......

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