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  • Dog in a Hot Locked Car: Teen Faces 5 Years in Prison for Animal Cruelty


    Dogs may be our best friends, but humans are not always very friendly to their dogs. One woman in Virginia, 19, left her pet puggle -- a cross between a bugle and a pug -- in a hot car parked outside a pet store in Falls Church. According to......

  • $15B Volkswagen Settlement Gets Preliminary Go-Ahead


    A federal judge has tentatively approved the largest class action settlement in U.S. history, allowing Volkswagen's agreement to pay $15 billion to consumers to move forward. The car manufacturer settlement claims that it doctored emissions data on hundreds of thousands of cars, leading consumers to think they were more fuel-efficient......

  • Uncontested Divorce: What Happens at My Hearing?


    Both you and your spouse want a divorce. So it sounds like an uncontested divorce is the best option. But hold up -- not only do you need to agree to get divorced, but in order for your divorce to be uncontested you also have to agree on all the......

  • 3 Areas of Law That Business People Must Know


    You did not go to law school because the law is not your shtick -- business is. But now that you have your MBA framed and up on the wall and your startup has gotten financing, you realize that there is no escaping the law. Every time you want......

  • Theranos Sued for Voided Blood Tests, Plaintiff Seeks Class Action Status


    Theranos, the revolutionary blood testing company founded by Stanford dropout and Silicon Valley wonder Elizabeth Holmes, is having a bad year. The company is under investigation for securities fraud, in June its pharmacy chain partner Walgreens broke ties and shut down all of its Theranos blood draw centers, Holmes......

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