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  • Facebook and NY Attorney General Battle Sex Trafficking


    Facebook and the New York Attorney General have formed a prolific crime-fighting partnership. The two have teamed up to find missing children and curb illegal gun sales. Now the Batman and Robin of Gotham justice are working on a new plan to battle online sex trafficking. The latest partnership......

  • 3 Most Common Injuries in Daycare


    There’s one rule for daycare facilities: keep our children safe. And for the most part, they do. But every now and then, accidents happen. Many of the accidents that happen are preventable. Here are the three most common injuries children suffer at daycare, and how to prevent them:......

  • Do Doctors Have a Right to Ask About Guns? The Fight Continues


    What do guns have to do with your health? Lawmakers in Florida seem to believe there is no connection. Since 2011, Florida has barred doctors from asking patients about firearm ownership. Doctors, however, do not like the restrictions and are asking for review of the law. Physicians groups are......

  • Alabama vs. the Constitution in Same-Sex Marriage Fight


    The state of Alabama has never taken too kindly to the Supreme Court's rulings on civil rights. When the Court said the Constitution does not allow for racially segregated schools, then-Governor George Wallace blocked the doors of the University of Alabama. And now that the Court has ruled that......

  • Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye Sue T-Shirt Label ElevenParis


    When the 99 percent were occupying Wall Street, one-percenter Jay-Z tried to make a buck with t-shirts that read, "Occupy All Streets." People were not happy about it and he stopped promptly. Now he is unhappy about a French company making money off his image and is suing for trademark......

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