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  • Russian Malware Developer Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison


    The Department of Justice called it "one of the most advanced crimeware tools available in the underground market," malware that infected almost 11 million computers worldwide and caused over $500 million in losses. And its creator was just sentenced to five years in prison. The "banking trojan" software, dubbed Citadel,......

  • O.J. Simpson Granted Parole; When Will He Be Released?


    After serving nine years in prison for robbery and kidnapping, O.J. Simpson was granted parole today. "I've done my time," Simpson told the Nevada Board of Parole. "I've done it as well and as respectfully as I think anyone can." The parole board was unanimous in its decision, and is......

  • Does Your Teenager's Makeup Have Asbestos in It?


    According to investigative journalists at ABC 11 in Durham, North Carolina, a popular powder makeup marketed to teens may contain asbestos and other harmful ingredients. The team sent "Just Shine Shimmer Powder," sold at Justice Stores, to the Scientific Analytical Institute in Greensboro, where samples of the makeup tested positive......

  • What's Fair Market Value?


    While the phrase "fair market value" might seem simple enough to understand, legally, the phrase is rather significant. Fair market value generally refers to what services, or a piece of property, are actually worth, rather than what they cost. Fair market value matters quite a bit when it comes......

  • DOJ Reinstates Civil Asset Seizure Policy: What You Need to Know


    The Department of Justice just reinstated their policy to assist local law enforcement in civil asset seizures. What does this mean? Well, it means that law enforcement will now have more incentive to just take your stuff, even your home and cold hard cash, if they suspect any of it......

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  • Ginsburg: Justices felt Trump travel ban 'too restrictive'

    Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:41:13 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says the Trump administration was "too restrictive" in deciding what family relationships qualify as close enough to avoid the ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries.

  • Ohio argues against execution delays for 3 condemned inmates

    Fri, 21 Jul 2017 21:45:50 GMT

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio state attorneys argued on Friday against delaying three upcoming executions on grounds that the condemned killers have little chance of legal victory and repeated postponements are draining state resources.

  • Ari Melber tries to improve a troubled time slot at MSNBC

    Fri, 21 Jul 2017 14:00:38 GMT

    NEW YORK (AP) — One of MSNBC's most valuable utility players, Ari Melber, gets his own regular show Monday with the assignment of shoring up a weak spot in the cable network's lineup.

  • Ex-Rep. Regula, Ohio congressman elected to 18 terms, dies

    Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:37:53 GMT

    Former Ohio congressman Ralph Regula, who was elected to 18 terms in the U.S. House and was a key player in creating the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, died Wednesday, his son said. He was 92.

  • Justices allow strict refugee ban but say grandparents OK

    Wed, 19 Jul 2017 19:52:46 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says the Trump administration can strictly enforce its ban on refugees, but at the same time is leaving in place a weakened travel ban that includes grandparents among relatives who can help visitors from six mostly Muslim countries get into the U.S.

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