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  • 3 Things That Are Illegal to 3D Print


    Kanye West is afraid that 3D printing will kill the shoe industry. Why is Kanye afraid? Maybe because adidas, who makes his Yeezy Boost 350 (which you can get on the second-hand market for a cool $1,000), said it's making a running show with 3D-printed materials. Now enterprising bootleggers......

  • Swedish 30-Hour Work Week Experiment Intrigues Americans


    Does working hard make us sick? Would we be happier and healthier if we had more freedom? Some workers in Gothenburg, Sweden are finding out. They are part of an experiment with a 30-hour work week meant to improve worker morale and productivity. The 6-hour work day experiment operates on......

  • Latest Batch of Supreme Court (Non) Decisions


    The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments for its October term on Monday, and if you want a rundown of the biggest cases on the docket this month, we've got it for you. But just as important as the cases that the Court will hear this term are those......

  • Do I Need a Lawyer for a Petty Theft Charge?


    You were caught stealing or are being accused of stealing. The charge is petty theft. Since the charge includes the word "petty," it must be no big deal, right? Wrong. You definitely do need a lawyer.......

  • Spotting Settlement Mills and Fast Food Lawyering


    Settlement mills are high-volume personal injury law firms that advertise heavily and resolve claims mechanically. Avoid these firms like the plague although their national ads might make them a familiar name. The phrase “settlement mill” was coined and popularized by Nora Freeman Engstrom, a Stanford Law School professor who researches......

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  • Vote: Councilman to become Memphis' 1st white mayor since 91

    Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:55:45 GMT

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Three-term incumbent A C Wharton Jr. has conceded Memphis' mayoral election to a city council member who is now poised to become the city's first white mayor in almost a quarter-century.

  • Islamic State group seizes villages north of Aleppo city

    Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:49:36 GMT

    BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State militants seized several villages from rival insurgents north of Aleppo city Friday, in a surprise attack that came despite intensive Russian airstrikes that Moscow insists are targeting the extremist group, activists said.

  • Tunisian democracy group wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:48:38 GMT

    OSLO, Norway (AP) — A Tunisian democracy group won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its contributions to the first and most successful Arab Spring movement.

  • Expats spooked after 2 foreigners gunned down in Bangladesh

    Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:45:33 GMT

    DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — The cafes and restaurants are empty. The chatter of guests in hotel lobbies has gone quiet. The high-walled embassy compounds are even more closely guarded.

  • Plane carrying Eritreans leaves Italy under new EU plan

    Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:40:53 GMT

    ROME (AP) — An Italian police aircraft carrying 19 Eritreans took off from Rome's Ciampino airport Friday, bringing the first refugees to Sweden under the European Union's new resettlement program aimed at redistributing asylum-seekers from hard-hit receiving countries.