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  • Regulators prepare rules on payday loans to shield borrowers

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:11:08 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Troubled by consumer complaints and loopholes in state laws, federal regulators are putting together the first-ever rules on payday loans aimed at helping cash-strapped borrowers avoid falling into a cycle of high-rate debt.

  • Rights group: Egypt 'covering up' protester deaths

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 12:40:31 GMT

    CAIRO (AP) — Rights group Amnesty International has accused Egyptian authorities of intimidating witnesses and whitewashing evidence in order to cover up the role of security forces in the killing of more than two dozen people during protests last week.

  • For Clinton, deciding how to prepare for a low-key primary

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 12:29:47 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The challenge ahead for Hillary Rodham Clinton is one faced by few White House hopefuls: running a primary campaign in which she faces little competition, if any at all.

  • Analysis: The world's problems enter Japan's psyche, again

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 10:24:43 GMT

    TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese, who inhabit one of the safest countries in the world, have been brutally reminded that the world is a dangerous place.

  • Detectives review video to find clues in 'Suge' Knight case

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 08:18:07 GMT

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Investigators were reviewing a video of an incident in which Marion "Suge" Knight struck two men with his pickup — leaving one dead and the other injured — to help shed light on whether the rap music mogul was a perpetrator or victim in a case that led to his arrest. Legal Blogs

  • What Do Federal Child Abuse Laws Say? 3 Things You Should Know


    In addition to state laws prohibiting child abuse, the federal government has its own laws meant to protect children from neglect and other forms of abuse. These laws include minimum child welfare standards to which the states are required to conform. However, a recent three-year study by the Children's......

  • What Is Resisting Arrest? Are There Any Defenses?


    What is resisting arrest, and what defenses can potentially be used to defeat the charge? A San Francisco public defender was arrested Wednesday after she refused to let police photograph her client in a court hallway. Notably, a police officer told her before she was placed in handcuffs that she......

  • Opens New Doors With Legal Forms in Spanish

    2015-01-29T19:46:01Z is expanding its already robust selection of easy-to-use legal forms by offering over a dozen of our most popular forms in Spanish. We recognize that the Spanish-speaking population is continuing to grow in America, and those families and individuals more comfortable with Spanish need better access to the U.S.......

  • What Is Rent Control?


    In order to prevent the cost of rental housing from skyrocketing, local governments may institute rent control regulations. Without rent control, rental prices in some cities can be, as former New York City mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan eloquently put it, "too damn high." Though as it turns out, McMillan's......

  • James Brown Will Dispute: Was He Legally Married When He Died?


    James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, died in 2006, but a legal battle over his estate has been going on ever since. Brown's will left his entire estate to a charitable trust, leaving nothing to the woman he married in 2001, Tommie Rae Hynie.But legally speaking, was Hynie even Brown's......

Supreme Court News

  • Supreme Court refuses to halt execution of Ga. man

    Wed, 28 Jan 2015 00:03:27 GMT

    ATLANTA (AP) — The Supreme Court has refused to halt the execution of a Georgia man whose lawyers say he is ineligible to be executed because he is intellectually disabled. Warren Lee Hill's lawyers argue he shouldn't be executed because he is intellectually disabled.

  • High court won't halt Georgia execution

    Tue, 27 Jan 2015 23:48:33 GMT

    ATLANTA (AP) — The Supreme Court has refused to halt the execution of a Georgia man whose lawyers say he is ineligible to be executed because he is intellectually disabled.

  • Oklahoma could halt executions for Supreme Court drug review

    Tue, 27 Jan 2015 00:44:47 GMT

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma is willing to put three executions on hold while the U.S. Supreme Court reviews whether a certain sedative can render death row inmates sufficiently unconscious, the state's attorney general said in a Monday filing with the court.

  • Justices will review use of midazolam as execution drug

    Fri, 23 Jan 2015 23:49:20 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is stepping into the issue of lethal injection executions for the first time since 2008 in an appeal filed by death row inmates in Oklahoma.

  • Campaign finance protest, hidden camera disrupt high court

    Thu, 22 Jan 2015 16:05:08 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — For the second time in 11 months, opponents of Supreme Court rulings lifting limits on money in political campaigns briefly disrupted proceedings in the courtroom and embarrassed the court by managing to get a camera past court security.

Criminal Law News

  • Analysis: The world's problems enter Japan's psyche, again

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 10:24:43 GMT

    TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese, who inhabit one of the safest countries in the world, have been brutally reminded that the world is a dangerous place.

  • US defense contractor says staff targeted in Saudi shooting

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 09:42:06 GMT

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A U.S. defense contractor says two of its employees were the Americans shot at in Saudi Arabia on Friday, marking the second such incident for the company in less than four months.

  • US prosecutors: New spy case shows Russia up to old tricks

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 07:13:47 GMT

    NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. authorities say an investigation of an alleged spy ring shows Russian secret agents are still infiltrating American society.

  • Man arrested after body parts found in suitcase

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 04:31:33 GMT

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco police arrested a man on suspicion of murder Saturday in connection with a suitcase found on a downtown street stuffed with dismembered human remains.

  • Authorities review video of fatal parking lot run-in

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 03:54:06 GMT

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sheriff's investigators Saturday were reviewing a video of an incident in which hip-hop music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight hit two men with his pickup truck, killing one, that may help provide clarity on whether Knight was the victim or attacker in his most serious run-in with the law to date.

Political News

  • Serbia grants citizenship to main rival of Palestine leader

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:43:14 GMT

    BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbia has granted citizenship to a key political rival of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after he pledged millions of dollars in investments from the Emirates, where he has lived in exile.

  • APNewsBreak: Obama ties foreign profits tax to public works

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:40:53 GMT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's budget will propose an ambitious six-year, $478 billion public works program of highway, bridge and transit upgrades, half of it financed with a one-time mandatory tax on profits that U.S. companies have amassed overseas, White House officials said.

  • Ukraine: 13 troops killed in fight with Russia-backed rebels

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:25:39 GMT

    KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine says 13 of its servicemen have been killed and 20 wounded in the fighting with Russia-backed separatist forces over the past 24 hours.

  • Thousands of Hong Kongers march for democracy

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:20:49 GMT

    HONG KONG (AP) — Thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators marched through Hong Kong's streets Sunday in the first major rally since mass protests last year.

  • A look at rates for payday loan usage, broken down by state

    Sun, 01 Feb 2015 13:12:28 GMT

    The share of people in each state who reported taking out a payday loan in the past five years, which ranged from 1 percent to 13 percent, according to a 2012 survey by Pew Charitable Trusts. Because the Pew survey was only conducted in the continental U.S., the figures do not include Alaska or Hawaii. In cases where states had too few survey respondents, the percentage is not reported and marked with an X:

Trending Legal News

  • Construction Trivia - Super Bowl Style

    Sat, 31 Jan 2015 20:49:09 GMT

    Posted by:  Josh Quinter  ( This weekend's Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks is being played in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Home to the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, University of...

  • When negligence is a factor in a loved one's death, legal action may follow

    Sat, 31 Jan 2015 20:45:26 GMT

    The death of a loved one can be devastating on many levels. In cases where family members believe a loved one’s death was the result of another person’s negligent act, they may choose to take legal action. Family members who...

  • Are field sobriety tests always accurate?

    Sat, 31 Jan 2015 19:55:00 GMT

    In most cases, police officers aren't allowed to randomly or arbitrarily pull drivers over, but instead must justify traffic stops. In cases where a traffic stop results in a suspected drunk driving arrest, proper procedures must be followed. Field sobriety...

  • Subaru Announces Recall over Brake Issue

    Sat, 31 Jan 2015 17:04:57 GMT

    The New Jersey product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin are reporting that Subaru of America announced a recall earlier this month for brake line issues with many of its automobiles. "Depending on driving conditions, salt water could splash on...

  • Texas Man Killed by Takata Airbag

    Sat, 31 Jan 2015 15:52:02 GMT

    From the New Jersey product liability attorneys at Breslin and Breslin: The family of a Texas man who died in a minor traffic accident is alleging in a lawsuit that their loved one is the latest person to be killed...