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  • 3 Tips for Delegating Work Effectively


    We're entrepreneurs and small business owners for a reason -- we think we can do it better than anyone else. But that doesn't mean we can do it all, and there are some cases where it's necessary to delegate planning, authority, and action to your employees. It may not......

  • Preparing for Jail Visits and Helping Incarcerated Relatives


    This is not exactly the kind of family gathering you ever hoped to attend, but it is happening. You have to go to the county jail to visit a family member and you are wondering what will happen and how to handle it. Jail regulations will vary from state......

  • Disruption, Interrupted: CA Regulators Catch Up With Zenefits


    Zenefits, a Silicon Valley startup that was valued at $4.5 billion late last year, has been violating California regulations by using insurance agents who were not properly certified. This week, the state's Department of Insurance announced that it is investigating Zenefits, according to the Wall Street Journal. This prompted......

  • Contract Basics: Kanye Ignores Shkreli Offer on New Album


    Martin Shkreli loves making a stink, and he will do it at almost any cost. The US's most reviled pharmaceutical company executive yesterday offered $10 million to exclusively buy Kanye West's new album, The Life of Pablo. He tweeted a copy of his offer letter to the pop star,......

  • Drone Accidents: 5 Worst Case Scenarios


    Drones are all the rage these days, and they can make for a dangerous rage. When they’re not crashing into crowds at tennis tournaments, they’re being shot at by your neighbor. And in more severe cases, they can cause serious injury when not operated with care. Here are five of......

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